Urgent Support needed for Water Cooler Installation in Schools

by Kotik Foundation

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Rajasthan, India

Kotik Foundation

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Campaign Story

Introduction: In Rajasthan’s blistering heat, access to clean and safe drinking water is not just a necessity, but also a fundamental right, particularly for schoolchildren who deserve a conducive learning environment. To meet this critical need, Kotik Foundation, a caring nonprofit organization, is initiating a fundraising effort to establish water coolers in schools throughout southern Rajasthan. We can give students with a basic amenity that will improve their health, well-being, and educational experience if we work together.

The Problem: Many Government schools in Rajasthan lack adequate facilities, especially clean drinking water. Students frequently suffer from dehydration and the difficulty of studying in hot, dry environments. This has an impact not just on their physical health, but also on their concentration, cognitive capacities, and overall learning results. Students’ potential is hampered and their educational journey is jeopardized when they do not have access to appropriate hydration.

The Solution: Kotik Foundation seeks to improve the educational environment in southern Rajasthan by placing water coolers in schools. These coolers will provide a long-term supply of clean, chilled drinking water, ensuring that students are hydrated, rejuvenated, and able to concentrate on their studies. We encourage children to attain their greatest potential by building a suitable learning environment and fostering a culture of holistic well-being inside schools.

Every Contribution Counts: The success of this campaign is dependent on the generosity and backing by people like you who believe in the power of education and basic necessities. Your contribution, no matter how large or small, will have a direct impact on the lives of countless students, helping them to quench their thirst for education in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. We can make a significant impact in their lives if we work together.

The Impact: Imagine the joy on pupils’ faces as they take their first chilly drink of water from the newly built water coolers. Consider the fresh energy, attention, and passion they bring to their studies now that they are not dehydrated or in pain. You have the ability to improve these students’ educational experiences by supporting our campaign, allowing them to prosper academically and holistically.

Join Our Campaign: We encourage you to get involved with us in our mission to supply schools in Rajasthan with safe drinking water. Your contribution to our fundraising effort will allow us to install water coolers, providing students with a fundamental convenience that will benefit their educational journey. We can create a supportive environment for students and enable them to pursue their aspirations if we work together.

Spread the Word: You can help us by spreading the word about our campaign to your friends, family, and social networks. Spread the word about our purpose and the need of safe drinking water in schools. By spreading awareness, you may encourage others to join our cause and help create a better learning environment for Rajasthan kids.

Conclusion: Kotik Foundation thinks that every kid is entitled to a high-quality education in a secure and nurturing environment. By contributing to our fundraising drive for school water cooler installations, you become a champion for good change and the well-being of students. Let us work together to quench their thirst for knowledge and make a better future for the children of Rajasthan.


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