FAQs for Kotik Mitra

Kotik Mitra FAQs

Kotik Mitra is a project launched by Kotik Foundation in which various mitra like legal mitra, career mitra, startup mitra, placement mitra help to all people who are in need of consultancy. Also Kotik Foundation provide free of cost counseling to underprivileged individual with the help of Kotik Mitra.

Kotik Foundation has launched this project due to following problems that have been identified by the personnel:

1. Number of individual who have weak financial condition, face much problem to get justice, get career opportunity, find out best lawyer for fight for justice, find out best career guidance etc.

2. Many individual who have very talent but due to lack of resources, they do not get proper solutions of their problems

3. Many counselors have lesser job opportunity

This is why this project has been launched by the Kotik Foundation to give the proper benefits to all concerned beneficiary.

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